Improving care for our community

Sandringham Hospital: Improving care for our community

To keep meeting the needs of our growing and changing community the hospital needs investment and development. Sandringham Hospital is a vital and much-loved community hospital for the people of Bayside and surrounding suburbs, and has been since it was built nearly 50 years ago. Now we are planning how clinical programs and healthcare services will be improved and what services will be delivered at Sandringham Hospital in the decades to come. 

Improvement means change. Alfred Health believes a wider range of clinical services can be provided, giving the local community even greater access to quality health care. These improvements are being informed by existing demand, and with an eye on the future. It’s about long term change to create a new model of care that will deliver long term community benefit to Bayside residents.

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Improving obstetric and maternity services

Improving emergency care
Improving surgical services
Improving services for children